World of Details

‚In her series ‚World of Details‘ VB connects both analogue and digital image sources. Basis to her work here are selected images from the gigantic GoogleStreetView archive in order to assemble her images. She then establishes a second image level through the analogue detail shots she has taken at the respective site.

Binschtok’s first step is strictly analytical when she filters street views that show by-passers who look into the camera and who are actually aware of being photographed.  But in contrast to traditional „picture-taking“ there is no person taking the picture. Those depicted look into a lense of an apparatus set on a car roof and that takes full-automatic panorama shots of its surroundings. These street views cannot be exceeded in authenticity as they were shot without any sense of composition. The second step leads Binschtok physically to the sites chosen by the previous selection process in order to make her own picture of the existing reality on site. While the reference pictures depict the section of the street view with a certain distance, the artist now zooms in and thus contrasts the programmed automat with something very human in the end: intention.‘

press release, KLEMM’S Berlin, 2012

selection from the series:

alle Arbeiten / all works
courtesy Viktoria Binschtok and KLEMM’S Berlin