Suspicious Minds

‚Composing close-ups from select news reportage images of politicians, Binschtok’s Suspicious Minds, shifts the focus of attention from the main subject of the image to the surrounding characters in the background, caught up in the public eye.
These poker-faced, well-dressed men stand inconspicuously as hidden features in the limelight of public events watching over others, yet being watched themselves by the cameras recording the event. For the series, Binschtok extracts portraits from news print images and blows up the rasterized image to human scale. The final images in the sequence are re-printed again as photographs with a new composition, focusing attention on the similar expressions of power and suspicious gazes of these surveillance figures under surveillance.‘

press release, KLEMM’S Berlin, 2009


Suspicious Minds, Frankfurter Kunstverein, 2012

selection from the series, digital c-prints:

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