‚Viktoria Binschtoks cluster-series is made up of groupings of photographic images built on visual and formal associations. in an ultimate response to recursive image production and use, Binschtok has turned the internet search engine in on her own artwork, opening up a conversation between herself and the computer – artist to machine.

Using computer based search algorithms, Binschtok input her own photographic images to see what associated images would return. From those results, she selected, restaged and manipulated the images, creating her own version once again in an effort to both complete and open up the cycle – beyond definitions of image source, result and authorship.

the growing ubiquity of ‘smart’ devices and photographic equipment together with the rise in DiY (do-it-yourself) culture and the ‘sharing’-imperative of recent years has stripped away the uniqueness and mystery behind image production. it is this equivalence toward images that Binschtok chooses to highlight – how images are so easily cut, copied, pasted, and how promotional advertising is viewed next to documentary war images or sandwiched inbetween personal party snapshots, travel photography and traditional studio work.

in a parallel effort to translate the multivalent existence of photographic imagery seen on screens to the material world of the exhibition space, Binschtok uses a range of printing, mounting and framing formats, specifically chosen for each cluster series. she takes advantage of the diverse possibilities of presentation format and material form such images can take and how these choices affect the reading of the image.‘

Arielle Bier, 2014

RGB Cluster_install

RGB Cluster, 2017

Bottle, Bump & Bulb, 2017

orange wings nada

Orange Wings, 2016


Statue & Fish, 2016

YellowCluster_install-xs Kopie

Yellow Cluster, 2016


Chanel Cluster, Perpetual Calendar 68x90cm, Mail 139x99cm, Chanel 109x85cm, framed c-prints, 2016

Marriage is a Lie / Fried Chicken, Red Skirt 57x55cm, Marriage is a Lie 123x90cm, iron framed c-prints, wallpaper installation, 2015

Endless Cluster, since 2015 – ongoing

Endless Cluster, 2015 – ongoing

Endless Cluster, Museum Folkwang, 2018


Vitamins, Neuer & Snow White Apron Cluster, 43x60cm, 80x58cm, 100x88cm, 74x58cm, c-print, 2014


install Pink Lady Cluster.jpg

Pink Lady Cluster, 33x46cm, 102x140cm, 54x56cm, c-print, 2015

Cutting Mat
Cutting Mat_framed

Cutting Mat Cluster, 91x100cm / 45x45cm, c-prints, 2014


Infinity Cluster, 3 x 41x53cm, c-prints, 2014


eclipse99 cluster, 40×53, 155x111cm, 60x45cm, c-prints, 2014


MM & Gwen, 2016

blue curtain-cluster

blue curtain / black stripes cluster, 80x73cm / 45x45cm, c-prints, 2014

black cluster2

Tokyo Night Cluster, 137x100cm c-print on painted wall & wooden photo object, Klemm’s Berlin, 2014


Gundam / Vase Cluster, 100x83cm / 77x59cm, c-prints, 2014


Grey Cluster, Kunstverein Göttingen, 2015

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  1. xilll

    Mrs. Binschtok,I like your works extremely well and I find them very inspiring. Have a good time at the Grand Palais in Paris!

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