Networked Images

Viktoria Binsschtok

Viktoria Binschtok’s “networked images” are physical echoes of the image flow produced by our digitally connected world. In a departure from her signature „Clusters“—image selections based on a purely visual order—Binschtok now reasserts her authorial role in the creative process. In her photographic sculptures, the artist deals with the phenomenon of today’s image economy: the intangibility of image data, our ever-shortening attention span, and the simultaneous power and immediacy of consumed pictures. The artist links the momentary images to their staged reproductions in a photographic symbiosis. Her works become part of the larger net that Binschtok consciously casts over divergent visualities—instead of tapping into a single genre or subject, she dissects the vastness of our daily digital image production, one piece at a time. The precise layering of her works generates visual connections with both subtle and apparent references to current realities—immaterial concepts thus take physical shape, compelling us to, once again, ruminate our algorithmic-driven present.

purple head, spring onion reverse, spring onion, 2019

Red Man Wine, 2019

Chocolate Girl, 2019

Cheap Vapes / Power Drink, 2018

Plant & Pattern, 2018

Paris Photo, 2018

Legs & Knives, 2018

#metoo / bloody hands, 2018

Tour Eiffel & Silver Cone, 2018

Golden Horn / Golden Case, 2017

Skyview, 2017

‚Skyview‘ & ‚Golden Horn / Golden Case‘, Galerie Klemm’s Berlin, 2017